Product #1: Video Email & Video Conferencing Tools

FUND RAISING PRODUCT: Our unique fund raising system leverages the most powerful tools in the industry for your business partners and families. The second tool is with CEO Bill Starkie’s video conferencing and video email company. This company was recognized by the Better Business Bureau as the 2011 Best in Technology Award winner. This IT company is positioned to support a global marketplace and your organization’s communication needs. Here is a sample video email: Click Here.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Lovers of IT, Business Owners, College Graduates, Unemployed, Dating Services, Entertainers, Marketers, Families…much more!


Our philosophy is to provide our clients with fund raising products that makes sense to the average business owner and the average family. The video showcases an industry communications tool business owners will not want to turn down or do without it! With this one product, your organization will continue to receive contributions month after month based on the business model of the company. Please try the video email tool to see our technology in action: FREE VIDEO EMAIL



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