Product #3: MatchRate Plus Credit Card Processing

TARGET AUDIENCE: All Families, Seniors, Athletes, Dancers, More…
Become a MatchRate PLUS Sales Agent – Earn Money For Your Cause! There are no sign up fees or start-up cost to become a MatchRate PLUS sales agent. It’s 100% free to enroll and and takes just minutes to complete our online agent enrollment form. After enrollment you will receive immediate access to our online agent training videos and business development and marketing system.

As a MatchRate PLUS sales agent you will earn monthly residual commissions, agent acquisition bonuses and performance bonuses from the acquisition of Merchant Partner accounts. Watch the short videos below to learn more about the MatchRate PLUS sales agent program.

STEP #1: Learn How MatchRatePlus Will Be Your Major Fundraiser!


STEP #2: How To Get Your Merchant Partner (unless you happen to own your business and can be your own qualified customer) – Presented by MatchRatePlus


STEP #2A: How To Talk to your potential MatchRate PLUS customer

STEP #3: Click here to Sign Up For Your FREE Fundraising Website



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