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Thank-you for completing your tour of! It is time to get started to accomplish your fund raising goals with Christopher Herring and Christopher Herring has taken his disciplined leadership from 20 years with the United States Air Force and organized a proven system of success for your organization.

Before you fill out the email request below – Download the application for your review and completion.

Since this is a TEAM website — we sign up your supporters and align them within your business fund raising system. If you were referred by one of our non-profit, church or school partners, or even our family and individual partners, please provide their names within your fax and within the email below. FAILURE to do so, will cause delays in the processing of your fund raising request.

When you download the form, do not fill in the sponsor information in the first block or ask for the information. We have hundreds of sign-ups weekly for this FREE website offer and the opportunity to fund raise with us and you. Our collective goal is to build the strongest most powerful network that will produce a monthly, building residual donation.

It is imperative you complete your form and immediately fax it to (210) 402-6102. You can call (210) 775-1138 to confirm your fax has been received. If you do not reach a live person, please leave a detailed voice message.

We will get you set-up with your Video Conferencing and FREE Video Email fund raising product upon receipt of your fax.

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May God Bless You & We Look Forward To Partnering With You! Please anticipate a call from Mr. Herring as he looks forward to speaking with you!

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