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Major Fundraiser is a structured, fund raising program that empowers non-profits, schools, churches and families within local communities. Our “Why” is to help others, particularly the nations’ youth, our elderly, families and business owners suffering as a result of our current economy.
We are an umbrella organization serving under the leadership of Christopher C. Herring. To be clear, an umbrella organization is an association of (often related, industry-specific) institutions, who work together formally to coordinate activities or pool resources. In business, the umbrella organization, provides resources and often an identity to the smaller organizations. This is the fund raising proposal we are offering you!
Major Fundraiser focuses on supporting non-profits, churches and schools because there are too many emergency services that deserves our undivided and immediate attention. We believe that collectively as one, all non-profit organizations are critical to “How” we resolve these problems. Furthermore, you have the horsepower needed to fuel the change which is necessary to raise the level of expectation for our nation.
Let us show you “How” our winning partnership model can substantially improve your quality of life and help you reach your financial goals….”

CHRISTOPHER C. HERRING, Founder of Major Fundraiser University

2003 US JAYCEES Ten Outstanding Young American



* Create a fund raising network that powerfully connects non-profits, schools, churches, businesses and families.
* Create an all-volunteer system that aligns both paid and unpaid volunteers within the fund raising network meeting the needs of all parties.
* Create multiple streams of funding for non-profits, schools, churches, businesses and families for an indefinite period of time.
* Create a true asset that non-profits, churches, schools, businesses and families own.
* Create a one-of-a-kind fund raising solution that FINANCIALLY REWARDS supporter participation! The one time efforts will yield a generous harvest of continued support.



What Are Funding Problems Local Communities Face?
Non-Profit Organizations: During recessions non-profits face declines in donations and corporate sponsorships. Their funding sources are limited. They are unable to provide needed services to their community. Many experience inability to cover monthly overhead and eventually forced to closed their doors. It is critical that they explore other funding options and begin banning together with other organizations!
Schools: Declining funding and increasing costs have led school districts to a tipping point. One of the most common mechanisms to fund schools is through property taxes. Schools are forced to make up the differences by increasing levy taxes and getting donations from foundations. All schools are not public and cannot receive taxes and their support is funded primarily through tuition and school fundraisers. The funding shortage is typically described as the gap between the collected taxes and the fundraiser proceeds from the previous year. Many times schools are being forced to lay off teachers to close that gap!
Churches: Churches experience a decline in tithes and offerings from families. During recessions people tend to give less and not more, despite the fact that scripture supports giving more during a period of slowdown. More churches are struggling to pay their monthly overhead and mortgages than ever before. Missionary work within communities is on the decline.
Families: Challenged in dealing with rising cost of utilities, gas, food and shelter. Many are facing employment layoffs while having less income to maintain their households. The “baby boomer” generation particularly do not have adequate health care, proper retirement or college funds set aside for the future. Because of their age finding employment and competing with millions of unemployed college graduates is a major problem!
Small Businesses: Small businesses are faced with enormous overhead expenses such as taxes, Social Security, Medicaid, utilities, employee wages, and more. Sales are down because families have less discretionary income. Many businesses are forced to closed their doors!
Our unique fund raising system leverages the most powerful tools in the industry for your business partners and families. The first fundraising system is FREE to 501(c)3 organizations and volunteers who want to help the organization reach their financial goal. Simply partner your nonprofit, school or church with one business that uses credit card processing to create a dynamic monthly donation for your organization and a new revenue stream for the business partner.

Here is a preview of our four major partners – two of our partners have major communication platforms to launch and sustain the fundraiser (with little to no financial outlay). These two systems will provide a website promotional site and unlimited Video Emails to rally the masses to support your cause generating a cost-effective fundraiser. The remaining products are traditional and nontraditional for your organization to choose from that best fits your cause. In summary our Major Fundraiser System gives you the complete solution to reach the masses and increase revenues for your organization. Here are our two Communication Industry partners offering FREE affiliate sign-ups or tools you can leverage to conduct the campaign:

#1 Technology & Communications Product For Your Business Partners!

Here are the “mandatory” fundraisers we highly encourage you to consider — we base this on the long-term success of each company and the appeal to the donors/contributors:

#1 Merchant Credit Card Processing Fundraiser!
#1 Health and Wellness Product For Families and Individuals!


Next See Our Simple Fund Raising System:

6 Responses to “”
Pteez’s Gourmet Popcorn says:
April 8, 2011 at 11:57 pm (Edit)
Chris, You have many helpful ideas for expanding my Popcorn business! Perhaps I should think of trying to implement the fundraising strategies you recommended — I wish I had a recorder to retain all of the great ideas. Certainly you are well researched and very knowledgeable in the fundraising industry. Let me know when you have time to have another video conference — I loved your WowWe Conference Room/Virtual Office! You inspired me. Thanks!

Gabriel P.

Christopher Herring says:
April 13, 2011 at 1:34 am (Edit)
Thank-You for your feedback. I look forward to our partnership for years ahead.


Charles says: April 10, 2011 at 4:58 am (Edit)
I am a development director in Michigan –please check your email for my phone number. We would like to know more about the Video Email and Conferencing. Thank-you. Major Fundraiser is very well laid out.

Elen Minor says:
April 11, 2011 at 9:17 am (Edit)
Major…this is really a beautiful website and it is refreshing to know you are committed to helping non-profit organizations! Thank-you for your military service as well! It is really good to see you try to bring us together. — Elen

Michael MacDonnell says: April 11, 2011 at 11:26 pm (Edit)
Hey You have built a fantastic website for Major Fundraiser. I look forward to having my Nonprofit work with your company as the funding sources are limited; grants do not want to support the arts. We need a change and new alternative! Please expect a call very soon to take some questions.

Jerome Risberg says: April 12, 2011 at 8:14 pm (Edit)
Your fund raising website is definitely full of amazing information and facts. It is actually extremely pleasant to see your very rich background of experiences and how you can help us raise money.

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