“Charity Across America” TV Show

Thanks for tuning in to see Major Fundraiser’s Charity Across America television show.  The plot is simple, Major Fundraiser, aka, Christopher Herring, helps to save non-profits, schools, churches and bans with individuals, families and for-profit businesses to solve financial problems local communities are face with every day.  The Hero, Major Fundraiser, provides solutions to common problems emphasizing Christian principles, with humor and business discipline to address concerns faced by his peers:  Executive Directors, Development Directors, School Superintendents, PTA leaders, Church pastors and ministries.

You will notice and hear the rally cry:  “By Working Together We All Can Win”.   Tyler Perry watch out…Christopher Herring’s Major Fundraiser is geared to help those who have the vision to accomplish a mighty mission BUT lack enough financial resources to complete the task.   Major Fundraiser declares, “it’s time to take back our communities by working together!” 

Please watch all the episodes and provide us with feedback to appear on this website. Here is the Cast:

Development Director excited about working with Major Fundraiser Campaign

Executive Director gives decision to Development Director about working with Major Fundraiser Campaign

Executive Director & Development Director talk about fund raising with local community


Executive Director meets with Peer about working together in campaign

Marketing Director has coffee break with Executive Director


Development Director visits partnering Non-Profit to Answer Questions

Secretary test drives FREE Video Email with Development Director


Local Pastor joins the Fund Raising Campaign

Mayor of City gets behind Community Fund Raising Initiative


Recession hits home: College Student and Her Mother speak about financial challenges

PTA President meets with School Superintendent about funding education needs

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