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Texas A&M San Antonio Appoints Christopher Herring To Institutional Review Board As Bexar County Representative

  Christopher Herring was appointed to the Texas A&M San Antonio IRB. The board’s responsibility is to review the plethora of university research projects. The IRB reviews human subject research projects according to three principles: first, minimize the risk to human subjects (beneficence); second, ensure all subjects consent and are fully informed about the research […]


Herring Family Leads San Antonio’s New Horizons School…Educating Our Future Generation!


Herring Provides Commencement Address For Shekinah Learning Institute, Texas

Christopher C. Herring was honored to speak to the 2010 graduating high school classes and their proud parents of Shekinah Radiance Academy and Radiance Academy of Learning Charter Schools at the request of Dr. Cheryl A. Washington, District Superintendent. Herring’s speech was “God’s Exciting Plans For YOU”. The graduation was hosted at the Christian World […]

Major Fundraiser's Team Conference Center Press To Join Scheduled Conference

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