Major Fundraiser’s Ultimate Fundraising System

A Complete Step-by-Step System

Guaranteed To Generate Serious Repeating Donations

For Non-Profits, Schools, and Religious Organizations!


We Will Show You How To Build Your Own

Personalized Fundraising System

And Rally Your Many Donors

As A Fully Funded & Created Job

To Help Stimulate Your Local Economy

And Ultimately Help Others Earn $$$!



Our Trademarked System Is

As Easy As 1…2…3!


Having trouble coming up with new and creative ways of raising funds for your non-profit organization, school, church or family? Has your community had enough of the same cookies, old candy bars, discount coupons, and pizzas? What if we told you that raising $500 to $100,000 or more is well within your reach by using our system ONE TIME…and you won’t have to conduct any other fundraisers ever again! You owe it to yourself and your school, church, non-profit or family to continue reading.

The Ultimate VideoEmail-a-Thon Fundraiser System and included Fundraising Network Builder utilizes a four-pronged approach to raising funds by:

  • Creating interest in your non-profit, synagogue/church or school
  • Utilizing the power of the internet to build your fundraising network
  • Bringing enthusiasm and optimism within the community
  • Generating new dollars into your organization and the community  



 What other program can deliver that? The Ultimate VideoEmail-a-Thon Fundraiser System and included  Fundraiser Network Builder can ensure that your non-profit,school or church fulfils its goals and objectives providing crucial and needed services within the community.

The great thing about this system is that we’ve done all the work for you. All you have to do is meet with your volunteer, distribute the materials we provide, give a short explanation of the fundraising materials, promote the team website at and encourage them to find supporters.

And oh yeah, get your school, church or non-profit connected with thousands of new supporters from all over the world that will begin to financially support your organization.It’s that easy!

 The “VideoEmail-a-Thon” Program

The VideoEmail-a-Thon Fundraiser System and Fundraiser Network Builder includes a password protected area filled with all the essential event forms and strategies to help you produce tremendous results from your fundraising efforts.

Every area is covered, from your first meeting with your fundraiser volunteers to the actual VideoEmail-A-Thon event. Also included are proven, successful strategies on promoting your VideoEmail-a-Thon Fundraiser and Fundraiser Network Builder to family, friends and media.

We have included personalized advertisements for newspaper, radio and video-e-mail campaigns as well as introductory and follow-up thank you letters at the conclusion of your event.

Our automated video e-mail delivery system means you can send countless pre-recorded, written and personalized promotional video e-mails with just a few clicks of your mouse. You will be amazed at how easy this program is to use and how quickly and efficiently it will allow you to recruit other organizations and families into your fundraising campaign from all over the world.

Our Amazing VideoEmail-a-Thon Fundraising Program Can Crank Out An Endless, Flow Of Cash For Your Non-Profit, School Or Church!!!



 “Fundraising Network Builder”


Introducing the VideoEmail-a-Thon Fundraising Network Builder This is what makes this system so unique and will put your fundraising potential into overdrive! Your volunteers have family and friends all over the world. Telling them about your fundraiser by sending video-emails eliminates confusion and misinformation. By directing your potential contributors to a team website like – both near and far, will make collecting donations from product sales fast and effecient.

Our team of fundraising consultants will answer any questions that your supporters may have, direct them back to your website to purchase products and we’ll even add other non-profit organizations, synagogues, churches, schools, families and businesses to your fundraising network from all over the world to ensure your organization’s overall success!!

This is how they’ll get plugged into helping your organization achieve their fundraising goals!!

This way, even a fund raising  rookie can pull this off! Take a look at the sample promotional email flyer that we created for schools.

You probably never gave the Internet much thought when thinking about a fundraiser for your non-profit, school or church. The Ultimate VideoEmail-a-Thon Fundraiser System and included Fundraising Network Builder will skyrocket your fundraising efforts and provide you with the professional image and efficiency your program needs and deserves. Your knowledge of computers can be limited. All you need is an video e-mail account and the ability to check messages so that you can collect serious donations from people who have purchased products and joined your fundraising network all over the world. Our automated websites does the rest.
Your volunteers will see your fundraising efforts as a win-win-win and your competition will be working with you as they continue to increase their fundraising network and yours as well! This is a state of the art,  professional approach to fundraising and your organization gets big-time $$$ results!
Here’s the best thing… You can run this fundraiser for any group within your school …any ministry within your church and any mission within your non-profit and they can receive their own individual fundraising dollars air marked specifically for their individual cause!! Best of all this fundraising network snowballs and grows larger and larger across the planet as your funding continues doing the same!

It’s time to get excited about the potential funds you can raise by using this unique program. Believe me, every non-profit organization, school or church  loves a fundraiser leader  who can raise funds to supplement the budget!

Here is just a quick example of the huge potential of this program.
100 volunteers – each player finds an average of 10 people to support their fundraising campaign.
Let’s assume each person generates an average of $10 per product sale.

Here is how this breaks down:

100 volunteers @ $10.00  per product = $1000.00
100 volunteers X 10 supporters each = 1000 sales @ $10.00 each = $10,000
1000 product sales x $10 per product = $10,000

That’s just the beginning of an on-going effort of recruiting more supporters world-wide!

And remember this…we are assuming several averages above.
Many of your volunteers will get more than 10 other supporters!
Many of your volunteers will bring in other churches,schools and non-profits directly into your fundraising network which means that your organization will benefit from all of their supporters and volunteers!
Many people will donate more than $10 because they will have websites that will earn funds for you and themselves indefinitely
The potential income from this program is simply incredible and we haven’t even considered how much ongoing residual funds will continue year round as a result of supporters purchasing the products on auto-ship month after month!!

We encourage you to “test drive our incredible VideoEmail-a-Thon Fundraising Program and see just how easy it is to create your fundraising network empire. Our health product vendor has a 60 day 100%, empty bottle, unconditional, money back guarantee on the products so that it is a win-win-win for all parties. Also because your supporters and volunteers can elect to be “paid volunteers” this adds new excitement and motivation to any fundraising campaign. And you are not bothered with paying your volunteers, the product vendor does this for you through their state of the art, tracking website which each of your paid volunteers receives!!

In addition, the video-email software is totally Free so that if a volunteer elects to not be paid they can still promote your fundraiser with their own free video email tool.
And don’t forget, with your paid Lifetime Membership you will also receive unlimited access to our password protected “director’s only” area filled with all the essential VideoEmail-a-Thon event forms, fundraising tips, automated e-mail notification system, and a proven promotional campaign that will skyrocket your fundraising efforts!
In addition, your membership gives you 24-hour access to our Sitebuilder Wizard, which means you can create and make changes to your website with just a few mouse clicks…all instantly updated on your fundraising site! This makes it very convenient for last minute changes or when you decide you would like to run more than one fundraiser during the year.

Next See Our Simple Fund Raising System And See A Preview Of Our Major Partners:

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Pteez’s Gourmet Popcorn says:
April 8, 2011 at 11:57 pm (Edit)
Chris, You have many helpful ideas for expanding my Popcorn business! Perhaps I should think of trying to implement the fundraising strategies you recommended — I wish I had a recorder to retain all of the great ideas. Certainly you are well researched and very knowledgeable in the fundraising industry. Let me know when you have time to have another video conference — I loved your WowWe Conference Room/Virtual Office! You inspired me. Thanks!

Gabriel P.

Christopher Herring says:
April 13, 2011 at 1:34 am (Edit)
Thank-You for your feedback. I look forward to our partnership for years ahead.


Charles says: April 10, 2011 at 4:58 am (Edit)
I am a development director in Michigan –please check your email for my phone number. We would like to know more about the Video Email and Conferencing. Thank-you. Major Fundraiser is very well laid out.

Elen Minor says:
April 11, 2011 at 9:17 am (Edit)
Major…this is really a beautiful website and it is refreshing to know you are committed to helping non-profit organizations! Thank-you for your military service as well! It is really good to see you try to bring us together. — Elen

Michael MacDonnell says: April 11, 2011 at 11:26 pm (Edit)
Hey You have built a fantastic website for Major Fundraiser. I look forward to having my Nonprofit work with your company as the funding sources are limited; grants do not want to support the arts. We need a change and new alternative! Please expect a call very soon to take some questions.

Jerome Risberg says: April 12, 2011 at 8:14 pm (Edit)
Your fund raising website is definitely full of amazing information and facts. It is actually extremely pleasant to see your very rich background of experiences and how you can help us raise money.

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